About Every Drop

Every Drop is a stormwater best practices program. Our team of volunteers helps Louisville homeowners install rain barrels, rain gardens, trees, and native plant gardens at a reduced cost. These small steps go a long way towards helping Beargrass Creek.

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Why Every Drop?

Through our program, Louisville residents collect polluted rain water runoff from their homes to keep it out of our waterways and aging infrastructure. It can be re-purposed for gardening, or for release when the ground is not so saturated from a rain event. Here is why…

Louisville House with Every Drop Water

Louisville’s buildings and infrastructure (streets, houses, parking lots, etc.) prevent the rain from soaking into the ground.

Rain and Roof in Louisville for Every Drop

As it rains, the water runs off the man-made surfaces and picks up pollutants along the way like lawn chemicals, pet waste, and car fluids.

Sewers in Lousville overflowing in Beargrass creek

This polluted water ends up in stormwater sewers that feed directly into Beargrass Creek, Louisville’s largest watershed.

Backyard Rain in Louisville Every Drop

After a few hours of heavy rain, the ground rejects even more dirty water, contaminating Louisville’s creeks, parks and neighborhoods.

Rain Garden plants with splashing water for Every Drop

The more rain captured where it falls, the better the water quality of Beargrass Creek, and a cleaner Beargrass Creek means a cleaner Louisville!

Every Drop Installation Options

Volunteer with Every Drop

Ever Drop needs you (and your friends!). Become a volunteer and help plant rain gardens, native plans or trees, install rain barrels, or get the word out about the importance of rain collection as an Every Drop Ambassador.

Plant a Rain Garden

Rain gardens are planted areas designed to collect storm water runoff from your house and other hard surfaces that prevent rain from soaking into the ground. They look gorgeous and help keep water out of the sewers and creek during big rains.

Install a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels capture stormwater runoff from your roof to hold for later use, or for release during times when the ground is not saturated. This collected rain doesn’t wind up in storm sewers which helps to prevent overflow in Bear Grass Creek. It will also save you money on your water bill come summer!

Get Back to Your Roots

Native trees and plants have deep roots — literally & figuratively — that increase the soil’s capacity to store water. That native superpower significantly reduces water runoff, helping to relieve overflow (and the number of times you need to water your lawn).

Tips & Tricks for Stormwater Collection at Home

Here are things you can start doing today to make a difference!

  • Pourous Pavement Lets water through to the ground

    Use Pervious Pavers

    Instead of concrete driveways and walkways, install low-maintenance "pervious pavers" that let the water flow through into the ground. This greatly reduce the amount of stormwater that ends up in drains and keeps it out of the combined sewer systems and creek.
  • Scoop Pet waste for the water health

    Scoop Pet Waste ASAP

    Pet waste may not be the largest or most toxic pollutant in urban waterways, but it is one of the many little sources of pollution that add up to a big problem. To prevent water pollution, clean up areas near wells, storm drains, ditches and waterways. Always remove waste from areas where children play.
  • Downspout Disconnected to Save Water from the Creek

    Disconnect Downspouts

    Disconnect your home’s downspouts and let that water sink into my yard. Redirecting the water into the lawn, a garden, or a rain barrel can reduce runoff volume and prevent it flowing directly into the creek. MSD offers a sweet deal of $100 incentive for each downspout they help you disconnect.
  • Wait to do laundry when it's not raining

    Wait to Wash

    Avoid doing laundry or dishes when it rains. We know it’s the most tempting time to wash, but the extra water running from your house into the storm drains (and subsequently, the creek), adds even more water for the stressed system to handle. Waiting to wash can have a big and positive impact!  

The Every Drop Mission…

…is to reduce rain water runoff across the Beargrass Creek watershed and promote stormwater friendly landscaping — and we need your help!