The Every Drop Mission


To reduce stormwater runoff and
promote stormwater-friendly landscaping
in the Beargrass Creek Watershed.

About the Every Drop Porgram

As we develop our cities and towns, we replace forests and meadows with buildings and pavement. And now when it rains, the water (often called runoff or stormwater) runs off roofs and driveways into the street. Runoff picks up fertilizer, oil, pesticides, dirt, bacteria and other pollutants as it makes its way through storm drains and ditches — untreated — to our streams, rivers, lakes and the ocean. Polluted runoff is one of the greatest threats to clean water in the U.S.

Every Drop Rain Barrel for Louisville, KY Beargrass Creek

Soak it up

If we can collect rain closer to where it falls, it reduces the runoff from our roofs, driveways, and parking lots. Reducing runoff helps prevent water pollution, reduce flooding, and protect our precious drinking water. When we soak up the rain, we also help beautify our neighborhoods and bring many other benefits to Louisville and the surrounding areas.

By the gallon

Average gallons saved by a rain garden in one summer week – 118 Gallons
Percentage of chemicals & sediments removed from runoff by a rain garden – 90%
Square miles covered by the Beargrass Creek watershed – 60 Miles
Approximate number of people in the Beargrass Creek Watershead – 68,5000

The Every Drop Team

Jessica Kane

Community Engagement Director

Maria Kidd

Volunteer Coordinator

Ward Wilson

Executive Director

Martin Hjalm

Advisor / Board Member

Water Collection Installations from

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are planted areas designed to collect storm water runoff from your house and other hard surfaces that prevent rain from soaking into the ground. They look gorgeous and help keep water out of the sewers and creek during big rains.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels capture stormwater runoff from your roof to hold for later use, or for release during times when the ground is not saturated. This collected rain doesn’t wind up in storm sewers which helps to prevent overflow in Bear Grass Creek. It will also save you money on your water bill come summer!

Plant Native Trees

Native trees and plants have deep roots — literally & figuratively! They increase the soil’s capacity to store water. That native superpower significantly reduces water runoff, helping to relieve overflow (and the number of times you need to water your lawn).

Disconnect Your Downspouts

Disconnect your home’s downspouts and let that water sink into my yard. Redirecting the water into the lawn, a garden, or a rain barrel can reduce runoff volume and prevent it flowing directly into the creek. MSD offers a sweet deal of $100 incentive for each downspout they help you disconnect.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Beargrass Creek Clean

Pourous Pavement Lets water through to the ground
Scoop Pet waste for the water health
Downspout Disconnected to Save Water from the Creek
Wait to do laundry when it's not raining